A Scandinavian Fair Table.(Photo by John Young)
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Whether you are Norwegian, of Norwegian descent, or simply interested in Norwegian history or culture, and you are near Boston, Massachusetts, then Norumbega Lodge No. 3-506, Sons of Norway, is for you!

Sons of Norway is a fraternal benefit society founded and based in Minneapolis with lodges in the United States, Canada, and Norway.

The Sons of Norway is made up of 60,000 Norwegian and Norwegian-American men and women and 8,000 "unge venner" (young friends) youth members organized into 390 Lodges in 8 Districts in the United States, Canada and Norway.

The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic Countries, and provide quality insurance and financial products to its members.

Norumbega Lodge No. 3-506 is one of the local lodges, who, along with the International Headquarters, work to meet the cultural, heritage, and financial needs of our members.

Cultural and Social Meetings are usually held at the Scandinavian Living Center, West Newton, Mass., every month except July and August. For details and exceptions, please visit our Activities page.

For information about current and future special events of Norumbega Lodge, as well as language classes and other activities outside the normal meeting schedule, please visit our Activities page.

For information about Sons of Norway, as well as links to other Lodges and a host of interesting sites, please visit the site of Sons of Norway.

 About Us   News   Activities   How to Join   Related Sites   For Members 


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NOTE: The SOCIAL - CULTURAL MEETINGS in JANUARY, FEBRUARY, and MARCH will be on SUNDAY afternoon, rather than on Friday evening, to take advantage of daylight driving conditions. Watch the Activities page for details.

Lodge members who have e-mail capability will receive an e-mail message while those without e-mail will receive a telephone call. The Lodge will follow the closing of Newton High School announcements on radio and TV.

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World War II
near Norway.
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