2023 Scandinavian Fair

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Norumbega Lodge thanks all of you that made it to our Fair on Saturday.  We value your participation in the event whether you are returning visitor or if this was your first time.  We hosted about 600 of you and we appreciate each and every one of you.

We also want to apologize to those of you who ventured out only to be turned away due to the size limitations of the hall we were working in.  We had a limited number of tickets which we could print and they went very quickly.  Because we needed some crowd control, we went to a ticket presale process to assist with the issue for the first time in our long Fair history.  While some of our materials contained instructions (such as our post in this group) we could have made much clearer and obvious.  Again, we apologize for that.

Many have asked us why we changed or venue this year.  For the last 25 or 30 years of hosting this annual event we were able to rent space in local schools.  The spaces we could rent were ideal for an event such as this one.  They had plenty of space, and a kitchen that allowed us to have the Nordic Café’ with the open-faced sandwiches, waffles, hot dogs, and cream cake for dessert.  In 2022 we were informed that the school committees were going to put us into a different pricing tier which turned out to be unsustainable from an expense position.  Our search for another “Ideal” sight was very difficult and we made the late change to the Scandinavian Cultural Center so we could have a Fair this year.

We will see what 2024 brings and we will strive to be more instructive with our advertising materials.