Yuletrefest Thank You

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Tusen takk to everyone who helped to make our Christmas celebrations a success this
year. We felt so fortunate to be able to be able to gather in person this year, with some
members attending via Zoom. The UUSF Protest Band (Gary and Luana,) played while
everyone enthusiastically joined in singing around the Christmas tree. Our intrepid
“julenisse”, whose identity will continue to remain secret so as not to disillusion anyone
about the reality of his existence, was generous with gifts, and shared harrowing
stories of the difficulties he and his elves experienced during the year of the pandemic.
Michael Arnum provided the “riskrem” to go with the many wonderful cookies everyone
brought. Arne Buck’s mother found the almond! Steve Oyangen delivered the
marsipan gris to her after the party.