Juletrefest Tusen Takk

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Luana Jøsvold (Cultural Director) says; Tusen takk to everyone who helped to make our Christmas celebrations a success this year.  We were fortunate to be able to have the Hills Bells bell choir from Wellesley Hills Congregational Church get us … Continued

2019 Scandinavian Fair

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The 2019 Scandinavian Fair was a tremendous success and met our goal of raising sufficient funds to support our fraternal and charitable programs.  But more then that the Fair offered entertainment, shopping and terrific food to approximately 900 guests.  To … Continued

Fair Bløtkake Recipe

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Each year, we ask members to make bløtkake bases for the dessert table at the Scandinavian Fair.  All you need to do is bake the basic cake.  Assembly and decorating is done on location.  Cakes are more moist if assembled … Continued

Pierre Laliberte

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Our friend, Pierre Laliberte passed away on February 21st. He was a long time member of the Sons of Norway and held many positions within Hartford Lodge and the District. He was a great friend to many in our lodge … Continued

Sports Medals

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Congratulations to the Bowling team of Roger Austin, Peter Vatne, Alan Lokensgard, Katy Woff and Karen Lein who won the 3rd District Bowling Tournament, and to bikers Arne Buck, Gary Johnson and Karen Lein who won the 3rd District Biking … Continued

Cultural and Sports Medals

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Earn a sports medal by walking, biking, swimming, skiing or a variety of other sports.  Contact Karen Lein, Lodge Sports Director, or visit the Sons of Norway website at www.sofn.com

Member Directory Availability

Owing to the February meeting cancellation, the Lodge Membership Directories will be distributed at the March meeting.   If you want/need your directory before we meet again in person, please send an email to "editor@Norumbegasofn.org" to request it be sent by mail.