Dovre Lodge Planning 100th Anniversary

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Dove Lodge has begun planning a 100th anniversary celebration and they would love to have other lodges join them! So far, they only have a date and a place, other details to come. So this is an informal pre-invitation. 
It will be on Sunday, June 12 (just a couple of weeks past the actual anniversary date), at Capron Park in Attleboro, MA , and will be a potluck picnic. There is a large pavilion with room around it in case someone or other decides to plan for games. If they’ll allow it, we may try for a mini-bonfire in a charcoal grill in honor of the upcoming Sanct Hans/Midtsommer holiday! Which of course can lead to s’mores … Emoji 
Added bonus – the adjacent Capron Park Zoo is a fine, compact one – it opens at 10, which would give ample time for any kids (or other animal lovers) time for a visit there before the picnic.