Scholarship Award

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It’s been a long, confusing, exhausting, bizarre school year for everyone – students, teachers, parents, administrators. As circumstances improve, the Scholarship Committee has more good news: Marcus Ahmad, son of Norumbega member Berit Ahmad, has been awarded a $1,000 Fredrickson Scholarship for the 2021-22 academic year.

Marcus attended Winchester High School for two years and then completed his final two years at Ashcroft Technical Academy in London, and received an International Baccalaureate. After a gap year, part of which he spent teaching mathematics at Ashcroft, Marcus is now a student at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge. He will finish his course of study in mathematics next year. He’s interested in the relationships among government policy,
macroeconomics, and current events, and how/when the structure of mathematics can explain
some of the intersections. Additionally he’s keenly focused on the environment and climate
change, particularly how technology and math can improve and/or expand conservation

It’s unlikely that Marcus will be able to join us for a Lodge meeting, even after we (hopefully) resume in person, since he’s based in England. We do hope to introduce him via video at a future gathering, taking the time difference into account so we aren’t asking him to appear on camera in his pajamas.

The Committee congratulates Marcus for his academic excellence and wishes him well in his
final year at Cambridge