2021 Scandinavian Fair Cancelled

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After several meetings of the Fair Committee, as well as information from our venue (Acton-Boxboro Regional High School), cancelling the 2021 Fair became the best decision for this year.  The committee explored many different options for an alternative event but all of them had too many negatives to consider them viable.  A downsized Fair either indoors or outdoors and potentially changing our venue were all part of the discussions.  Here are a few of the major issues that ultimately led to the cancellation;

  • Covid restrictions:  The school told us that at a minimum there could be no food service and masks would be required for all volunteers and guests.   IE: the Nordic Cafe’ could not be open for business.
  • The bakery we have always used is no longer in business and a suitable replacement has not yet been found.  
  • In general, many of the  potential guests and volunteers are still reluctant to attend large events with crowded spaces which would potentially reduced our average of 700 – 900 guests.

The result led the committee to not downsize to the point that there would be little to interest guests and also to not be held hostage by unpredictable weather in mid-November.  Norumbega Lodge sincerely regrets having to make this decision and the hope is that they can hold a welcome back Fair in 2022.

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